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It’s true. We are what we eat!

Research has shown that well balanced eating results to healthier and better lifestyle. The Mediterranean diet -mostly inspired by the traditional eating  patterns of Greece- forms such a model. Based on high consumption of olive oil, fruits and vegetables, among other raw food, it helps achieving a good and much more healthier life standard to all.

Why should you incorporate Ariston Extra Virgin Olive oil into your diet?

Extra Virgin Olive oil and in particular oil that is a product of monovarietal Koroneiki olives has the highest amount of naturally occurring polyphenols; good antioxidants that occur naturally in the olive. Ariston Extra Virgin Olive oil scores high in these antioxidants, in every chemical analysis. Maybe it is due to our Messinia region, or our traditional harvesting methods, that provide Ariston Extra Virgin Olive oil with high amounts of vitamin E, an essential ally to  the cardiovascular system and the skin.

Extra tip: On cold winter nights apply Ariston Infused Orange olive oil on your hands and not only will they smell beautiful, but the skin will be soft and supple the next morning.