Our Taste

Felt by all your senses. Taste. Aroma. Texture. All in good measure "παν μέτρον άριστον" (pan metron ariston), as ancient Greeks used to say. All in perfect balance, only to offer you the purest of high quality treats. Gods' nectar: olives, oil, marmalades, honey and vinegars.

We may all know that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. Why is that though?

Extra Virgin Olive oil and in particular oil that is a product of monovarietal Koroneiki olives has the highest amount of naturally occurring polyphenols.Polyphenols are good antioxidants that occur naturally in the olive. In our region of Messinia Greece, our chemical analysis shows a high polyphenol rate because of our harvesting methods.
We harvest the olives while they are still green (unripe) because as the olive ripens, the polyphenol level drops. Studies have shown that a diet rich in polyphenols, which includes olive oil and pomegranate, helps to regulate blood sugar.

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